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Meet the Ohana Team

We are honest, kind, discreet and always inclusive. We are the Ohana team at Elevate Real Estate Brokers. We aspire to spread positivity into the world while finding your home or property. You are more than a transaction, to us, you are a relationship. 

Our Mission:

Our customers are part of our team. We give you the best of us to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Our Vision:

Making good solid business deals through competing smartly on your behalf. 

Our Values:

We respect our customers' right to privacy and discretion about their personal private lives and the real estate transactions they conduct. 

  • We work diligently but with exactness.
  • We are deal makers, not deal breakers.
  • We keep all parties updated with material advancements.
  • We Strive for continuous growth and improvement.
  • We believe in diversity and inclusion and live that life.
  • We enjoy what we do! 

Meet the Team